Email Management

From the Mail Manager, you can add and manage all of your domains email accounts powered by your SmartCloud Hosting Account, from here you can; add and manage email accounts, add aliases, create distribution lists, add email forwarders and access your messages via Web Mail.

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Enables you to create new email accounts for your domains.

An email alias is an alternate address that points to an existing account. Mail sent to the primary address and any email aliases you add, all appear in same inbox.

A distribution list is feature of email client program that allows a user to maintain a list of email addresses and send messages to all of them at once. This can be referred to as an electronic mailshot.

Email forwarding allows you to direct incoming messages from one email address to another email address. When an email message is sent to your forwarded email address, our mail servers redirect the message to the email address you specify.

Find out how to add your SmartCloud Email Account to your favorite Email Client such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail or Mobile Phone.

If you need additional help with your domain or you want to register a domain, let us know and let us take care of it.

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